Help for the Depressed: Emotional Support Animals

by admin on September 15, 2014

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you interested in a way that you can feel better without having to take medication? If so, owning an emotional support animal could be the perfect solution for you. There have been many studies of emotional support animals (ESAs) that have shown that they can provide support to mental health patients. Studies have found that when ESA owners become emotionally distressed simply being around their pets can help relieve their symptoms.

Relieve Your Symptoms By Playing With Your ESA

emotional support animalsSometimes, psychiatric disorders like depression or anxiety can be so severe that they interfere with a person’s ability to do basic tasks. In this case the comfort emotional support animals can provide work wonders relieving any stress or discomfort you may be feeling. The simple act of petting your companion, watching them play with their toys, or having them nuzzle up to you are all therapeutic. Unlike service dogs, emotional support dogs are not trained to perform specific tasks but simply are there to give their owners a sense of safety and well-being.

How to Get Your Pet Certified as an ESA

If you want to get your pet qualified as an emotional support animal you will have to go through your mental health doctor. You will first need to set up an appointment with your doctor so they can determine whether your issues qualify. Then, if they determine that you qualify you will receive a written letter from your mental health provider. This letter will let others know you need your ESA and you can take it with you and show it whenever you need to.

ESAs are primarily meant for use in the home setting. If you live in an area that has a no pet policy then with the letter from your doctor you are covered under the federal fair housing law to have your ESA live with you. ESAs act as a constant friend and companion to their owners. Since they help their owners through stressful situations they are allowed by law to accompany their owners to many different places. For example, if your animal is an ESA they can ride with you on the plane instead of having to be stored with the other pets.

There is nothing special that your pet has to have or be to become an ESA. Though it is extremely helpful and safe to have your pet go through a general obedience class. This will help them be comfortable in social settings and able to follow commands.

Who Regulates Against Housing Discrimination In A Country?

by admin on April 6, 2014

Every human being in the world requires housing facilities despite the state in which the person is. There are those that live in big mansions while others cannot afford even a thatched house. They should not be discriminated but rather they should be helped so that they too can also get shelter. Housing prevents people from being attacked by various things and also helps in the protection of bad weather that can cause diseases to the people.

Discrimination has been very tampered in the current society. People are being discriminated on various grounds by their fellow human beings.

Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination has been on the increase. This is due to the increase in ethnicity, race, social classes, economic status of people, occupation, age and gender and the status in which the person is. The way people build their house or rent house displays a lot of information about them. A house that one lives in says a lot about him or her, but it is not always the case. For instance the internally displaced people in various countries can be living in chattered houses after they were displaced, but earlier they might have owned mansions and bungalows.housing discrimination

Regulation is done to prevent future problems in the society and also help people exist in harmony in the society as others, like taking advantage of the less privileged in the society. Housing discrimination makes one feel as if he or she is not a part of the society. There are measures that are put in place to help regulate it in the society for a better mutual existence. Regulations are put in countries that help fight against this vice. They act as the voice of the helpless people in the society.

There are constitutions that stipulate how a country is to run. In them there are different acts which includes and act on housing. It states how houses should be owned, what should not be done and the consequences of going against the act. The constitution acts as a regulating factor on housing.

In some countries like the United States, there is an act that is commonly referred to as the fair housing act. It helps the discriminated people in the society to have a right to own a good house in a place of their choice or continue living in a place without being discriminated on the basis of housing. This act helps outlaw discrimination in the society. There are consequences that come with the violation of the act.

People are advised to observe the act so that they can avoid facing the consequences in the future, but some still do not do according to it. They still discriminate their fellows, especially those that cannot afford to live in good houses and really struggle in getting means of survival. They are exploited by the high class people in the society, for instance, working for them at a very low price so that they can get some money to support their daily needs.

Can You Treat Insomnia With Home Remedies?

by admin on February 8, 2014


This is the lack of sleep for a long period of time. It is also known as sleeplessness. It is a sleep disorder that is mostly experienced by elderly people in the society, but can also happen to the young people in very rare cases. Sleep is at all times important for any human being and also the animals. This is for the simple reason that it helps in the growth and helps the body and the mind to rest from their daily activities. Also, it helps one to overcome stress as he or she will be resting his or her mind, hence no thinking at all as one travels to the “slumber land”.

insomniaInsomnia is really dangerous as because it can easily accelerate the stress levels i any person. This is because the mind is just engaged throughout and it does not have enough time to rest. This can lead to the person being mentally disturbed as his or her mind is always engaged and does not have time to rest. There are various causes of insomnia. Some can be brought about by the changes in the environment while others brought about by the various hormones in one’s body. The body is very sensitive when it comes to change of the environment, especially for those people who have been used to a certain type of environment. One will experience difficulties when it comes to falling asleep as the body has not yet adapted. The hormones are very sensitive and they notice a change in a very quick way, hence may take time to adapt to the changes hence affecting the body’s procedures.

Can You Treat Insomnia With Any Home Remedies?

Insomnia can be treated with home remedies in most cases. There are some instances that require the intervention of a physician so that they can help in the treatment. The affected person is given some pills to take during sleeping times and some activities that he or she should carry out so that they can fall asleep.

Home remedies are the best when it comes to its treatment. This is especially possible when one has known the cause of the sleeplessness. One can get the advice or tips from a physician or from the internet. Others have learnt it through the experience of their own and hence become the best in offering a home remedy. Managing it in an appropriate way is the best as no more harm will be inflicted on the person.

One can use herbs that can be easily sourced in their home areas this is a natural home remedy. These herbs if well administered to the person works well, although they might be having an irritating taste. Taking a shower before sleeping is very helpful as it helps relax the nerves and one can easily fall asleep during the night. Carrying out exercises helps the person also and it should mostly be done during the day. One can also count numbers before he or she goes to bed so that they can attract some sleep.

What Are Some Of The Benefits That Dogs Have?

by admin on November 19, 2013

A dog is known to be the best friend of a man. It was the first animal to be domesticated. Dogs are domesticated animals that are kept by people at home for various reasons. They can be used as companions or for emotional support (as pets) or kept for the purpose of security. Dogs are well known to provide security for many people.

The companies that offer security services use dogs as they are known to be fierce animals and maintain security in a good way. Homes that have dogs are feared as one does not know what to expect from the dogs. The dogs are easily trained and can understand the language of human beings, although they cannot talk but gives feedback by the way they perform the actions.

Benefits of Dogs

There are many benefits attached to dogs. A dog if well treated and maintained can be of great help to the owner and also to the people in the surroundings. One feels safe as they provide security by alerting the owner when a danger is impeding hence the owner can take the necessary preventive measures or caution.

One can use them to hunt, especially for those people who have a liking for bush meat. They are known to run first and have a good sense of smell that will direct it to where the animal is hiding. Dogs fall sick less as compared to any other pet. They do not need a lot of money to be spent in their maintenance. This is because they can adapt to changes in a very fast way.

What Are The Biggest Benefits Of Owning A Dog?

A dog is kept at home for various reasons. The biggest benefit of owning a dog is that it helps one have a healthy life and help improve on the social life. A dog is mostly known as a social animal. It is good when it comes to sniffing and can help detect a harmful disease related to humans especially cancer. Cancer has been on the increase and is the leading cause of death in the current world. It is expensive to treat and also painful to the sick person.

Dogs are known to be good when it comes to exercising. They can run for long distances and will not get tired. This helps the owner to also exercise. Exercise helps the heart to carry out its work in a very good way and makes the person to be always. A healthier heart helps a person to have a longer life span as blood is pumped in an easier way.

The health of a person is very important. A dog helps boost the immune system of a person as the owner gets used to the germs that are brought by the pet. Dogs are known to like playing a lot, hence collects germs easily. When the owner is cleaning it, he or she comes into contact with the germs regularly and gets used to them.


What Is The Definition Of Reasonable Accommodation?

by admin on August 8, 2013

Accommodation is a very key aspect in any person’s life. Everyone has the right to accommodation but this is not always the case. This is because of the status that people have. There are those who earn very little in the society while others have a lot. This two cannot be compared when it comes to places where they can be accommodated. The people with disabilities too have the right to enjoy accommodation but many are unable as they lack ways through which they can access the accommodation places.

The government has intervened so that when accommodation places are being built, they should also include ways that will make it possible for the disabled people to access them by installing facilities that will assist them. When one travels to a place apart from arranging transport means he or she arranges a place for accommodation. This helps him or her enjoy the trip to the maximum. Accommodation can cause a lot of problems if not well arranged for.

Reasonable Accommodation

reasonable accomodationThe accommodation also refers to how one is able to fit and feel a part of the other group. All people should be accommodated either in workplaces or any other place that they require services despite their religion or their status.

A reasonable accommodation is where the process of accommodation is done in a fair manner without discrimination. Every person gets accommodated despite the various differences that they possess. The less privileged in the society are also able to enjoy the rights of accommodation fully. Discrimination in accommodation is well known as the richest in the society are mostly considered than the less privileged in the society.

This has helped all people to be treated in the same way without considering where one comes from, the money he or she has, the race, gender or age among other factors that contribute to discrimination.

What Is The Legal Meaning Of “Reasonable Accommodation?”

Reasonable accommodation has many meanings, but there is a legal definition of it. Legal means that it involves laws put in place and consequences put in place when one violates the law. Legally, it is defined that any employer should arrange accommodation for his or her disabled employees and also arrange the accommodation depending on their religious beliefs. They should not force their employees to stay in places where they are not comfortable with especially on the religious part. Religious beliefs vary from one culture or person to the other.

The accommodation arrangement should have all the necessary facilities that will help the disabled persons live comfortably so that they can be of great help to the organization or the company. They should also provide facilities in their companies that will help the people with disability to work in there, hence creating more vacancies for all types of people. On religious basis the employer should schedule programs to the employee that does not contradict their beliefs and give them room to enjoy their religious beliefs.